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16 months already?!?!?! | Following Our Son
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16 months already?!?!?!

My goodness! How much has changed and so quickly! Deacon is 16 months now, and busy as a bee! He talks constantly….we have no idea where he gets that from!  His favorite subjects, currently, are as follows: ball, momma, dada, ball, banana, BIIIIIG truck, HOOOOOOOT water, bubbles, ball, dog, and school bus. He and his daddy play with the Bible for kids app on the iPad. He is quite smitten with basketball in particular…


Deacon still loves fruit (bananas, strawberries, and blueberries in that order) and vegetables (green beans and carrots, corn) mostly, but will also chow down on grilled cheese, spaghetti, chicken and rice, and lasagne.  He’s also recently learned he LOVES ranch dressing.  We probably have the only child in the world that does not want to eat hot dogs or chicken nuggets.  And while Tyler and I are both sugar addicts, our child prefers fruit, yogurt (even Greek yogurt), Nilla wafers, and fruit gummies over things such as cake, chocolate chip cookies, or pudding. I’m certain if I ate like him and was as active, I would be SUPER thin. But alas….I am not. I also would like to point out that he is happiest when we are altogether and in the same room. When we sit down to eat, he has started reaching for my hand so we can bless the food. (I am NOT making this stuff up!!)


Deacon is allowed to watch more television now, but we really TRY to stick with the educational or spiritual shows.  He doesn’t watch CedarMont Kids as often, although he recently got Toddler Action Songs and likes the little blond girl that sings the Bumblebee song.  He went through a spell where Pound Puppies, or “dogs” as he called it, was his favorite, however, it really teaches nothing. Thomas the Tank Engine is fun enough because it has a “BIIIIIIGG choo choo” but it seems that most of the others are whiney or negative which he will get enough in the this fallen world.  SO, proudly, I can say that he asks for Daniel Tiger and The Magic School Bus most often! Having been a PBS kid when I was little, specifically a fan of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, I am thrilled to watch these shows with him. They are educational in a GOOD way, and I haven’t caught on to any innuendos. He has continued to dance some, but now he sings!!! I LOVE IT! He does Patty Cake, Bumblebee, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, complete with motions! He’s such a clown, and it is totally precious! Of course, fishing in the “bath,” putting together puzzles, and reading books are still loads of fun too! He has flash cards that he ‘studies’ the animals and their sounds from A-Z. He recognizes almost every one! He is new to coloring but he’s getting the hang of it quickly! 


Deacon adores being outside, even though it’s quite hot now.  He enjoys playing with bubbles,  mowing with his bubble mower, riding in his wagon, and going to the “mailbox.” He loves to splash in “water” or mud puddles. At his Poppy and Nana’s house (my parents), he likes to swing and ride his John Deere Tractor.  At Papa’s and Nana Zelda’s, he plays with his big cousin Pressly and they ride in her Barbie Jeep. At Aunt Canee’s, he plays outside in the “cold” sprinklers and with a real basketball goal. At Aunt Bobo’s house, he gets to play outside with a real basketball goal and sometimes play with their dogs. We have some really great neighbors with 2 year old twins who invite Deacon to play. They get to swim and slide, and generally try to get into mischief together. It’s so much fun! Deacon not only blows kisses now, but he also will give you a kiss when you ask. He knows how to sign “more” and “I’m sorry” and please…although it’s the same sign as “more” for him. :)


Of course, we may be biased, but we think Deacon is very smart and charming and perfect. However, he is currently in the BEST class he has been in since being in daycare. We really love his teachers and the group of kids he is with. He appears to be the cool kid to whom they all flock! His teachers tell us every day how smart he is, how much he talks, and plays with and loves on the babies that are in there now. He tries to teach them patty cake and how to jump in the bouncers.  It’s really quite sweet! He will be moving up in August…and I am really praying for a miracle. I am not sure what, exactly, but I don’t want the anxiety to soar like it has in the past. Change tends to do that. Anyway, we love this baby boy more than anything and can’t imagine life without him. I can honestly say that instead of ‘working for the weekend,’ I am always working to get to spend time with my family. Every moment with Tyler and Deacon is precious. Even with my personal struggles (all the enemy), I have the best life.

We are soooooo blessed!


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