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July | 2013 | Following Our Son
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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Pleasant surprise!

So I wasn’t having the best day today, my day in the office, when suddenly they called me to the front. I had no idea why. When I got there, my handsome husband was there….and with flowers!! He had come to take me to lunch and to bring me my ice pack. (I’ve had some pain for the last several… Read more →

Hey Jude!

One of my best friends had her sweet baby boy yesterday! Welcome to the world Jonathon “Jude”!! We love you so much already, and you have the best mom, dad, and big sister, Georgia! You even already have ONE OF MANY built-in-best-friends in my sweet Deacon. And to my dear friend, Amanda: you did it, rock star! Like everything else… Read more →

Bittersweet Friday

This has not been the best week. A coworker was on vacation, so that made for extra work for the rest of us, which wasn’t so bad except there came to be special circumstances on Thursday which did make it bad. We were glad to see 5:00 today…or for me, 5:30. A good thing: I got to see Dr Jessica… Read more →

Super mom strikes again

My mom is amazing. Yet again, she came through for me. She gave me a suggestion, helped me to see it through, and was there to support and encourage and care for me all the way….not quite to the end yet, but she will. I hope I can only be half as good a mom as she is on her… Read more →