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June | 2013 | Following Our Son
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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Far from Funny Friday updated

I love my life as a mother. I love my beautiful baby boy. I am grateful for everything I have…and I have a lot: an all-forgiving and ever-accepting God, a handsome husband that loves us and takes care of us, a crazy but wonderful family who is very supportive and helpful, friends galore, an awesome Church, freedom, a job, a… Read more →

Short stories for funny Friday

Many have told me that when you become a mom, you lose your mind. Now, I have been laughing at my mom’s scatter brain for many years……now, guess what! I’ve become her….except right now, I think I beat her in the absentmindedness. Tyler has his moments too. I guess it’s catching. A few short stories to, hopefully, make you laugh:… Read more →

Message Received

We are leading a small group in our home again this semester. It’s very exciting to meet new people and to get to know others better. You can never have too many friends, and loneliness totally stinks! Anyhow, so we do a daily study of scripture as well as read a chapter of a book each week. Today’s seemed to… Read more →


Disclaimer: I am reluctant to blog in this state of mind. Anyone who has known me (or heard stories or more likely prayer requests from my mom about me) will not be too shocked by what’s coming… It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. The devil has worked me over and keeps kicking me while I am down. Without too… Read more →